Ubintia: Enhancing User Experience through Technology and Innovation

Ubintia is a technology consultancy focused on enhancing the user experience, an increasingly essential aspect in both 100% online channels and environments that combine the physical and digital areas. Enhancing user experience in these contexts is one of the constant challenges for companies and public administrations, especially with the increasing use of digital channels among […]

21st Annual International Hotel Technology Forum 2024 (IHTF)

We are pleased to announce that DELTA will be present at the upcoming edition of the International Hotel Technology Forum 2024.. This event brings together senior leaders from the leading hotels in Europe to explore and evaluate the integration of key technological products into their daily operations. The International Hotel Technology Forum offers a unique […]

How to streamline the registration and accreditation of individuals in physical spaces?

In today’s society, security has become a fundamental concern in any context, both digital and physical. Therefore, the registration and accreditation of individuals in public buildings and large gatherings such as concerts and sports events are now much more than just a formality. They have become essential elements for risk management and the protection of […]

Hospitality software: Which ones are essential for your hotel or tourist accommodation?

Digitalization has completely changed the way people understand travel, especially when it comes to finding and booking accommodation. Location, hospitality and physical amenities remain essential decision criteria; however, travelers also expect a seamless experience from the moment they book to the moment they leave, and this is impossible to deliver without the right technology tools. […]