Gambling establishments

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to quickly register customers, control capacity and access?

About Gambling establishments

Gambling establishments (casinos, games of chance establishments, bookmakers) must identify (pursuant to Law 13/2011, of 27 May) the customers and people who access their facilities.

Consequently, they must have fast, automated and integrated control over access, capacity and internal management. Additionally, given the present situation, working on the traceability of people and customers at these establishments is more necessary than ever.

To ensure regulatory compliance and offer an agile, secure service to customers, computing and digital solutions that adapt to the requirements of these establishments and offer fast database integration and identification are necessary.

Identification document reading and authentication with the DELTA ID solution allows you to streamline access processes, reduce the number of errors and paper usage, prevent possible identity theft, and offer improved customer service.

Furthermore, a digital signature system can be included with DELTA SIGNATURE, as well as an online, agile customer registration and capacity control system with DELTA ONLINE GUEST CHECK-IN, which can be integrated with other management systems in place at the establishment.

Advantages DELTA

Collect each customer’s data in seconds and carry out loyalty actions
Integrate access data with regular player databases
Comply with legislation in force applicable to gambling establishments and bookmakers
Prevent fraud and identity theft
Control establishment capacity and security

How can you control capacity and access to gambling establishments like casinos and bookmakers?