Human resources

Do you work with a large number of documents and personal data? Do you need to automate the data collection process and save costs?

About Human resources

The power and importance of data in human resources departments and companies has never been more relevant than they are today. They are key, both in terms of data quality and in its secure safeguarding and storage, thereby avoiding breaches of the European GDPR. With DELTA solutions, you can streamline data collection all the way through to the signing of informed consent documents to protect your organisation and your employees’ data, as well as your candidates’ data.

The solutions offered by DELTA adapt to comply with regulations in force as well as the needs of each organisation or company. They are easy to install and manage, while they can also be integrated with other computer systems.

With DELTA ID, you can quickly read an identification document and automatically store all data, free from errors. With DELTA SIGNATURE, you can digitally sign documents and contracts, offering employees better service and an improved experience.

Furthermore, DELTA FORMS allows you to read answer sheets and personnel recruitment questionnaires automatically. The tool allows you to define multiple templates, determining the correct answer to each question and assigning its corresponding weighting.

The system scans answer sheets, processes them and automatically calculates the rating obtained per results sheet.

Advantages DELTA

Collect candidates’ data in seconds
Digitally sign consent or registration forms
Identify access and visits to buildings and offices
Register all employee data on a single system
Automate internal processes

How can you streamline management and identification, as well as ensure a company’s employee and candidate data are safe?