Security, traceability and control of records and visits

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Security, traceability and control of records and visits are essential requirements for social and health centres (hospitals, clinics, care homes). Given the current situation (COVID), these requirements are even more critical for hospitals, clinics, health centres and geriatric centres, which need to implement solutions that are easy to use, agile and secure to guarantee security and streamline admission and registration processes.

Correct visit management and control is important to streamline processes, reduce the number of errors, automate the access and exit of people and trace them, and correctly develop patient registration.

Do you want to control and improve visit traceability at your centre? Would you like to streamline the patient registration and admission process?

Here at DELTA, we care about people’s health and well-being, as well as the profitability and digitalisation of health centres. That’s why we offer solutions that help to automate, identify and control visitor and patient access (DELTA VISIT MANAGEMENT).

All our solutions can be integrated with the HIS or management systems used by each centre. We’re already compatible with several systems available on the market, given that our solutions are easy to adapt, integrate and use.

Solutions for the digital signature of admission and consent forms can also be included (DELTA SIGNATURE) and our own registration system that is easy to manage can be installed (DELTA CUSTOMER REGISTRATION).

Advantages DELTA

Guarantee client and employee security
Streamline registration and admission processes
Visit control and traceability
Improved user experience
Robust database

How can you digitalise patient registration and admissions at your health centre?