Digitalisation and automatic processing of forms and questionnaires


Our DELTA FORMS solution allows the input of answer sheets to be digitalised and automated, with immediate results in XML or TXT format for their easy integration. It recognises printed texts, brands and barcodes.

It’s compatible with the standard TWAIN communication protocol, for which reason it can be used with conventional document scanners.

Special forms are not required; instead, it allows the customer to work with their own questionnaires.

Additionally, DELTA FORMS has a full results statistical analysis module where you can explore the rates and results obtained in graph form.

What's included

DELTA FORMS is provided with three modules: Design, Processing and Analysis. It allows you to easily design a template, process questionnaires and analyse data through graphs.

    • The Template Design Module allows you to create a structured design with visual and graphic editing tools, define questions and answers, and assign ratings and points.
    • The Processing Module includes the option of viewing the scanned original and validation and inconsistency detection tools.
    • The Analysis Module centralises the results for corporate use.

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Automate the review of documents
Reduce wait times for results
Prevent errors
Streamline the assessment process