Solution for quickly and efficiently checking in guests


This solution is designed for small hotels, residences and establishments that don’t have their own management system and don’t want to invest in one.

With the help of an ID card and passport scanner (DELTA ID), the system allows a guest to be checked in with all their information in less than a minute.

Furthermore, with the assistance of our digital signature capture system, DELTA SIGNATURE, the guest will be able to sign any document in a matter of seconds, without it needing to be printed on paper. This simple computer application allows the automatically generated file to be sent to the police or stored on the system itself. Not only that, but data can also be imported and exported to or from other management systems.

Guest check-in can be performed remotely from a mobile phone or tablet as a pre-check-in or online check-in process with our DELTA ID MOBILE APP. As such, COVID-FREE recommendations for checking guests in online can be observed.

How it works

The document reader easily reads the guest’s identification document or card
The data are stored automatically on the software
The Traveller Registration Document, or any other form, can be generated directly and signed digitally without having to be printed on paper
The system can generate the travellers report to be sent to the authorities and comply with regulations (police, civil guard, urban authorities, etc.)

What's included

  • ID card reader that can agilely and securely read identification documents.
  • Free field management software, information registration, automatic generation of the travellers report, and integration with other programmes.

Download the product sheet


Improved user experience
Fewer errors and regulatory compliance
Improved agility at check-in and check-out
Paper cost savings