A fast, efficient check-in and visit certification solution


Access control and security is increasingly necessary, whether it’s in public or private buildings, events, fairs or sporting events. And now, even in social and health facilities. With the DELTA VISIT MANAGEMENT solution, you can certify your visits securely and quickly, thus avoiding queues and complying with capacity limits.

How it works

The system scans the ID document in three seconds, obtaining the image of the person and their identification data, such as name, surname/s and document number.
It issues an identification or accreditation card and manages their access to and departure from the area or building.
You can easily view the list of entries and exits.
The system allows this information to be exported to another document or integrated in a management system.

What's included

An identification document scanner or reader capable of reading, digitising and processing information in

Collected information management software, developed by DELTA, that performs security control at all access points and doors.

Accessory products to adapt to your needs: certification card printers, barcode readers, signature digitisers, and any other accessory required by your organisation.

Signature digitalisation system (GDPR, Entry Form, etc.).

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Streamline the visit registration process
Guarantee facility security
Traceability of people
Save paper