Digital solutions for persons identification and registration.

Automate your processes with DELTA's OCR technology.

DELTA Technology

More than 15 years of experience endorse us as leaders in OCR technology to improve customer registration and enrollment processes. We work to offer the best solutions in document scan and people registration while improving the customer’s user experience.

Offer your customers a unique experience.

Cost Saving.

Speeds up the customer registration process.

Reduces fraud and complies with current regulations.

Avoid manual customer registration processes.

Easy, fast and safe:

Our digitization solutions

Identification and registration

Identity verification in just a few seconds.

Automatic reading and registration of ID’s from all over the world.

DELTA Digital Onboarding
New customer registration platform.

DELTA Online Check-in
Check in your guests anywhere, anytime.

Signature Digitalization

Forget about paper and digitize your document management. The signature of your customers with legal validity

DELTA Signature Plus
Automatically digitize your customers’ signatures.

Visitor Management

Streamlines the registration and accreditation of people in physical and digital environments.

DELTA Visitor Management
Speed and efficiency for the registration and accreditation of visits.

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+ 15 years of experience.

Identity verification in just a few seconds

Reading from more than 190 countries.

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

SDK easy integration