Ensures access security and visitor traceability.

Many buildings, especially public buildings, require security processes and systems to control access and capacity. Even more so, with the needs that establishments currently have to implement to control capacity and avoid crowds. For access to events and congresses, each visitor must be accredited before entering and show his or her identity document. On many occasions, this process is done manually, which can lead to registration errors and more time than necessary.

Accredits in a comfortable, fast and safe way.

Security companies play a fundamental role in the implementation of visitor identification and control processes. For that reason, it is crucial that they have agile and secure tools to facilitate these procedures.

At DELTA, we offer solutions designed to automate and streamline these processes, improving user satisfaction and optimizing secure identification.

Our solution has a small and fast ID document scanner that allows access to be recorded in a matter of seconds. Efficiently and automatically the system recognizes and registers the visit information in the system. In addition, we offer the possibility to sign documents, consents or data protection digitally.

It is also possible to register the data of the visits in an agile and error-free way, in the management system, in order to have a better control or to carry out subsequent communication actions.

A flexible solution that adapts to you. Discover DELTA solutions.


Automatic reading and registration of ID’s from all over the world.

Speed and efficiency for registration and accreditation of visits.

Automatically digitize your customers’ signatures.

Advantages of Delta Technology

Increase the degree of satisfaction of your guests.

Optimizes identification and security against identity theft.

Streamlines the check-in process.

Complies with current regulations.

Easy integration with your PMS.

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