DELTA Guest Registration

Quickly and efficiently register your guests.

Ideal solution for small Tourist Accommodations, residences or accommodations that do not have their own management system (PMS).

Forget about manual data entry and error-prone records.

Turn-key solution to register your guests quickly and efficiently. If your tourist accommodation does not have its own management software (PMS), our DELTA Guest Check-in solution allows you to check in your guests fully automatically.

By integrating our OCR engine, DELTA ID, and with the help of an ID scanner, you can check in your guests easily, quickly and securely in less than 30 seconds.

Digitize your customers signatures.

Also, with our DELTA SIGNATURE digital signature capture system, your guests will be able to sign any document in seconds without the need to print on paper. It allows you to automatically generate the file to send to the police or save it in your own system. In addition, you can import and export data from other management systems.

Improve your guests experience

Avoids manual data entry errors

Facilitates compliance with regulations

Generates the travelers' report

Cost savings

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Complete the registration to your accommodation in less than 30 seconds.

Reading of the identity document using a document reader.

The data is entered into the software automatically.

Travelers’ entry and registration forms are generated for online signature.

Extract the travelers’ report to send it to the authorities and comply with regulations..

Integrates different technologies in a flexible and scalable way.


Records, verifies, digitalizes.


Automatically digitize your customers’ signatures.

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+ 15 years of experience.

Identity verification in just a few seconds

Reading from more than 190 countries.

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

SDK easy integration

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