Ensure the confidence of your drivers

Often the user registration process is not automatic and requires extra time for identification, verification of documentation and signing of contracts. This results in a less than optimal customer experience at the car rental office, as waiting times and crowds increase.

Looking to speed up the customer registration and intake process?

DELTA offers solutions for online customer registration and enrollment, contract signing, remote identity verification, and fast and error-free reading of ID cards or driver’s licenses through readers, mobiles or tablets.

A flexible solution that adapts to you. Discover DELTA solutions.

DELTA Digital Onboarding

New customer registration platform

Automatically digitize your customers’ signatures.

Advantages of DELTA Technology

Improve user experience.

Reduces customer registration and enrollment time.

Reduce identity fraud.

Complies with current regulations.

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+ 15 years of experience.

Identity verification in just a few seconds

Reading from more than 190 countries.

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

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