DELTA, your global partner in digital solutions for the identification and registration of people.

At DELTA we are committed to the digital future, and this means guaranteeing our customers solutions that enable them to meet the challenges posed by the inevitable digital transformation.

Therefore, we develop our own technologies and integrate cutting-edge solutions from our partners, to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of identification and registration of people, and digitization and automation of documents.

More than 18 years of experience developing technological solutions.

We are a global partner

+ 100

integrations performed


customers around the world


Our solutions speak for themselves

Readership in more than 190 countries

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

Identity verification in just a few seconds

Easy-to-integrate SDK

Easy, fast and safe:

Our digitization solutions

Identity verification in just a few seconds.


Automatic reading and registration of ID's from all over the world.

DELTA Digital Onboarding

New customer registration platform.

DELTA Check-in Online

Register your guests anywhere, anytime.

Forget about paper and digitize your document management. Your clients’ signatures with legal validity.

DELTA Signature Plus

Automatically digitize your customers' signatures.

Speeds up the registration and accreditation of people in physical and digital environments.

DELTA Guest management

Speed and efficiency for registration and accreditation of visits.

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+ 15 years of experience.

Identity verification in just a few seconds

Reading from more than 190 countries.

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

SDK easy integration

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