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Ubintia: Enhancing User Experience through Technology and Innovation

Ubintia is a technology consultancy focused on enhancing the user experience, an increasingly essential aspect in both 100% online channels and environments that combine the physical and digital areas. Enhancing user experience in these contexts is one of the constant challenges for companies and public administrations, especially with the increasing use of digital channels among user profiles that are not digital natives.

Ubintia ‘s goal is precisely to use technology to make people’s daily lives easier. For over 25 years, they have been dedicated to this, with three main lines of action: managing wait times, public internet access, and digital communication, three interconnected aspects that complement each other. They mainly work for the Public Administration, focusing on improving citizen service.

Manel Torres, Chief Technology Officer of Ubintia explains it in more depth in an interview conducted for DELTA.

Ubintia specializes in technology consultancy, and one of its main challenges is managing people’s wait times. How has this need evolved in recent years, both in terms of technology and consumer expectations?

Ubintia started in the market quite some time ago, in 2001. Many technologies were still in their infancy, and most people did not yet have internet connection at home, but there was already a need to use digital channels. So, for example, we began to facilitate access to digital services by installing secure equipment in community centers and libraries.

When internet connection became popular and people started having it at home, the need changed: Companies and public entities needed to bring information closer to the user — through interactive kiosks or screens in places where the user could see them, or through apps when mobile usage became widespread.

On the other hand, in 2004 we had our first request for queue management, which led to wait time management solutions, a broader concept. However, it has been since 2019, with the pandemic, that this line of business has experienced its greatest expansion, first with the incorporation of appointment scheduling requests, and then with the implementation of self-service terminals, which allow people to download the census without the need for assistance, simply with their ID card. For the latter, we relied on the assistance of DELTA, which provided us with the software and hardware for document reading.


¿What expansion or growth forecasts do you have now? ¿Están considerando nuevos productos y servicios, así como la expansión a más mercados? ¿Está experimentando crecimiento el sector en el que operan?

The technology sector is one that changes quite a bit, and very rapidly. That’s why it’s challenging to chart a medium or long-term course and stick to it. So, we have a strategic roadmap, but we never stop listening to our customers, and based on the needs they express, we make turns along the way.

¿Why DELTA? What has been your experience so far with the integration of their solutions?

We came to DELTA somewhat by chance. As I mentioned, we like to listen to our customers, and while talking to one, we noticed they had DELTA hardware integrated. We carried out an integration of our system with DELTA ID, and we saw that it could be a good complement to our solutions.

Now we work 100% with them at the software and hardware levels, as their devices are solid and reliable, and the integration is very straightforward. Furthermore, collaborating with DELTA is always very easy, as they have a philosophy that aligns well with ours. They care about quality and listen to us, helping with anything that may arise. For us, this personal relationship is very important, and it makes us trust them for current and future projects.

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Ubintia is a technology consultancy focused on enhancing the user experience, an increasingly essential aspect in both 100%

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