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Frequently asked questions about DELTA ID
I am working with a Nexgen 5 (NG5) scanner and the power light goes out. It is as if it has run out of power.
Nothing happens. This scanner model, when it has not been used for some time, goes into standby mode and the pilot light goes out. It is enough to launch a reading command and the equipment will activate itself.

It is normal that you do not recognize it because it is a fact that does not appear in the document itself. The height or color of the eyes is stated, but not the sex. It must be entered by hand.

It can happen, the third line of the MRZ in the Spanish DNI only has 30 positions that may not be enough for a name and 2 surnames, when these are long. But the solution is to configure the double-sided reading, and the DELTA ID system completes the information of the MRZ, with the one that appears on the front of the DNI, where the photo is.

As with long names, the MRZ side does not include Ñ, accents or other special characters. The solution is to configure the system to read both sides and on the front side, the Ñ are displayed and the DELTA ID system will recognize them.

The default system returns ICAO country codes with three positions, but starting with DELTA ID version 8.0.7, the system can be configured to return the ISO code with 2 positions. This is regulated by the [format_countries=2] parameter. If you need help upgrading or changing this setting, please do not hesitate to contact our support department.

This is normal, because in the DNI España 3.0, the date of issue is only shown in a hidden area and can only be read with an oblique image. But DELTA ID calculates it from the expiration date, taking into account different situations such as the age of the person.

There are more than 60 PMS systems that have developed approved integration with DELTA ID. We can provide you with the complete list of PMS, but also, in case your PMS is not on the list, we can provide a very simple and effective mechanism for PMS and DELTA ID to work together. Our support department will help you to set it up.

Yes, since version 7.10.5 of DELTA ID and activating the parameter (age_control=1) the system will automatically check the date of birth and if it is less than 18 years old, it will return a warning code – VR_ADVERTENCIA_SIN_MAYORIA_EDADADAD (8192)-.

Yes, DELTA ID allows with the purchase of a secondary license to share a hardware between two PCs, so that you can duplicate the available workstations without duplicating the cost of a second scanner. The second license will suffice.

It is not advisable. The cover, in addition to protecting the glass, prevents light pollution at the time of image capture, so that without the cover, the image quality may be lower and, consequently, OCR recognition may have a lower success rate. Only in environments with very low external light would not be affected.

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