Public Administration

Optimizes control and traceability of visits and gauges

Agencies, entities and public buildings usually require the identification of citizens both for access control and for the management of the service, with the aim of improving security and traceability of visits.

In addition, for the vast majority of current procedures it is necessary to register the personal data of the person who is authorized to carry out the procedure, such as the entry of documents and administrative appeals, applications or payment of taxes or duties, etc.

Digitalize access control

It is possible to identify the citizen from anywhere, even with a mobile device or tablet. All the information can be integrated in the management systems of the public entity to be consulted by public employees.

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Automatic reading and registration of IDs from all over the world.

Automatic reading and registration of ID’s from all over the world.

Speed and efficiency for registration and accreditation of visits.

Advantages of DELTA Technology

Improve user experience.

Capture document data in less than 3 seconds.

Integrates data into a common, digital database.

Improved building security through access control.

Digitalize and automate document management.

Reduce identity fraud.

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