Public administration

Are you looking for a digital system to streamline processes, document signature and forms? Would you like to optimise visit and capacity control and traceability in a public building?

About Public administration

Public bodies and buildings require citizen identification. This is essential in controlling access and management at the front desk, with the aim of supervising the people who access these buildings and improving visit traceability.

There are different types of administrative management tasks for which a citizen’s personal data must be registered, from the admission of deeds and administrative resources to tax requests and settlements.

Here at DELTA, we offer solutions to automate and streamline processes that are essential to the public administrations. With these, we aim to optimise secure identification, control capacities and access to these buildings, and digitalise document and form management and signature.

Citizens can be identified from anywhere, even with a mobile phone or tablet, and all information obtained can be integrated on the public body’s management systems to be consulted by civil servants.

With DELTA ID, reading and authenticating citizens’ identification documents allows for a reduction in costs associated with paper and document storage, and it helps to prevent identity theft. Our system can also be integrated with diverse platforms in line with the requirements of the public administrations.

Advantages DELTA

Collect citizens’ data in seconds
Integrate data on a shared, digital database
Guarantee building security through access control
Improved customer service
Digitalise and automate document management

How can you identify citizens and visits to a government or public building?