Would you like to offer an agile solution that collects student data when they matriculate? Are you looking to control access and the traceability of visits to your education centre?

About Education

Education centres, schools, universities and academies have a high flow of registrations, admissions, matriculations, deregistrations, etc. and they need to use technology tools and solutions that streamline processes, gather student data to improve their loyalty, and export data and documents to an integrated system.

DELTA solutions are extremely useful for any type of education centre, school or university. DELTA ID automates the collection of students’ personal data by quickly and securely reading their identification document or card. The system is able to obtain and store the images on ID cards in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, the individual’s photograph can be extracted and included in their student file, and our OCR system can obtain all fields on an ID card, passport, residence card, etc.

Furthermore, with DELTA FORMS you can read answer sheets and satisfaction questionnaires automatically. This tool allows you to define multiple templates, determining the correct response for each question and assigning its corresponding weighting.

The system scans answer sheets, processes them and automatically calculates the rating obtained per results sheet.

Advantages DELTA

Read exams, questionnaires and matriculation documents automatically
Register students swiftly and securely
Integrate ID card reading with the student’s file
Digitally sign student registration forms

How can you digitalise an education centre swiftly, practically and easily?