Do you need an identification document reader and agile, automatic visit control system? Are you looking to guarantee access security and visit traceability?

About Security

Many buildings, especially public premises, require security processes and systems to control access and capacity. That’s in addition to the current requirements establishments must observe to control capacity and prevent crowds. For access to events and conferences, each visitor must accredit and show their identification document before entering. This process is often done manually, meaning registration errors may be made and requiring more time than necessary.

Security companies are often responsible for developing these identification and visit control processes. As such, it’s essential they have agile, secure tools to identify people and control visits.

Building access monitoring and control applies to offices, events, buildings, businesses and establishments, whenever there is a need to identify access, register clients and optimise visit traceability.

DELTA VISIT MANAGEMENT and DELTA GUEST CHECK-IN are key tools in managing access to these areas. With a small, fast identification document scanner, visits can be recorded in seconds. The system efficiently and automatically recognises and registers the visit information on the system. In addition, documents, consent forms and data protection forms can be signed digitally with DELTA SIGNATURE.

Furthermore, with DELTA VISIT MANAGEMENT, we offer a simple, practical application that can manage visits to a building, event or facility. As well as scanning the ID card, the system records the entry, issues the pertinent card or certification, and manages the visit until its end. Visit data can also be registered on the management system agilely and free from errors to ensure better control or to carry out subsequent communication actions.

Advantages DELTA

Prevent identity theft
Control building capacities
Identify and manage visits and access
Reduce registration and visit identification times
Improved user experience

How can you guarantee access and visit security at a building or event?