Web platform of customer registration that integrates several DELTA solutions to capture, read and validate identity documents and to sign documents in digital format.


Delta Digital Onboarding solution that includes different DELTA systems as reading and verification of identity documents and capturing the signature with biometry. It speeds up the signature of documents in the three usual environments: Online, On-Site and Semi On-Site.

The application generates a Database without mistakes that allows the exportation and importation of data and the management of different templates. It can be integrated with independent CRM or ERP solutions of the client. Delta Digital Onboarding keeps and manages all the information digitized and centralized using Tablet, Smartphone or PC. The compliance of the regulations on Customer registration is possible thanks to this system.

This solution has been developed using DELTA Solutions such as DELTA ID and DELTA SIGNATURE.

How it works

Captures the identity document of the client (through scanner, smartphone or tablet)
All the information is stored in the web platform Delta Digital Onboarding.
The documents to sign (client registration, contracts, welcomes…) are generated automatically.
Turnkey solution that allows to manage the registration process in an efficient way.

What's included

  • Reading and verification solutions (Delta ID, Delta ID Mobile, Delta ID Server)
  • Digital signature solutions (Delta Signature, Delta Signature Plus, Delta Signature Anywhere)

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Fast and effective online registration of clients
Pay less for more options and services
Integrated solutions and data exportation
Improve the client experience