Signature digitalisation for PDF documents with legal validity. Forget about paper


DELTA SIGNATURE offers the option of digitalising a customer’s signature without the need for paper, doing so directly on the PDF document (consent, data protection, registration, matriculation, admissions, and KYC forms, among others).

In a matter of seconds, the signature is securely obtained, using its biometric data, which implies cost savings in terms of paper management as well as significant time savings.

The signature digitiser is a small piece of hardware that consumes little energy. It is easily integrated with other equipment and the vast majority of customer management applications.

How it works

The employee prepares the document to be signed from the online system.
The user can view the document (Signature Plus), and check/uncheck consent boxes.
The user can sign directly on the screen.
The document is registered on the system and can be sent digitally to the user.

Solution types

DELTA SIGNATURE: electronic signature screen for signature capture.


DELTA SIGNATURE PLUS: includes backlit electronic boards to directly view the PDF document in colour and in its digital format, with several screen size options. Includes other functions, such as checkbox, videos, etc.

What's included

An electronic board with LCD for signature capture, protected by anti-scratch, resistant glass.

Interactive display that can show the user images and messages while they wait.

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Save paper
Signature directly on digital document
Improved customer experience and regulatory compliance
Reduce unnecessary physical contact