DELTA Pentacube Scanner

The DELTA PENTACUBE scanner is part of our compact scanner series, OEM especially recommended for integration in kiosks. It allows the reading of ID documents from more than 190 countries (passports, e-passports, ID cards, residence cards, visas, driving licenses…).

Group 18

OCR for data extraction.

Combined Shape

Reading in less than 3 seconds.

No moving parts, with IP54 and Gorilla® Glass®.

The most robust scanner on the market.

Particularly suitable for working in unattended solutions, kiosks, ATMs, control panels, for processes as important as: fast check-in in hotels, accreditation stations, access control, tax payment processes, loyalty card issuance, recruitment and marketing stations, car rental…

Main features

  • Compact desktop format, full page document scanning, optional RFID function.
  • High resolution of 500 DPI with brilliant image quality.
  • Visible, optionally: IR, UV illumination.
  • Dust and water resistant to IP54 standard.
  • Designed for OEM integration.
  • Corning®Gorilla®Glass 3 safety glass.

Main benefits

  • Reading and/or verification of ICAO and non-ICAO identity documents.
  • Complete passport processing (ICAO MRZ, General VIZ, RFID).
  • Achieve one-step OCR and RFID reading for increased security and speed.
  • Automated and unique data entry method for a robust database.
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Identity verification in just a few seconds

Reading from more than 190 countries.

100% self-developed OCR technology based on AI and Machine Learning technologies

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