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DELTA NEWS: Delta Signature Anywhere

Delta Signature Anywhere

DELTA Signature Anywhere is the new solution for the advanced digitalization of the signature, able to sign PDF documents from any Tablet or Smartphone.

DELTA Signature Anywhere is available as a turn key solution or as an SDK to be integrated in external management softwares. The application allows the creation and use of signature profiles to automate flows.

It allows the digitalization of the signature in high resolution and the incrustation in a PDF with encrypted data with digital certificates. The user is able to check boxes, to scroll through the document and to complete text fields.

It can be integrated with any external management software and does not require investment in peripherals. It is also available with our solution Delta Digital Onboarding (DDO).

Benefits of Delta Signature Anywhere

  • Digitalization of the signature in a few seconds, reducing the time spent in processes.
  • Easy to use, sign directly the PDF.
  • Data of the signature encrypted and linked to the document.
  • Avoids the printing of paper.

How Delta Signature Anywhere works

  1. The user displays the document on the tablet or smartphone, having the possibility to check boxes.
  2. The user signs the document directly on the screen.
  3. The document is kept in the system and can be sent to the user.

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