Facility automation and digitalisation by registering documents and people


DELTA ID is our main solution and it is focused on the agile, safe and automatic reading and registering of identification documents.

It is designed to streamline and optimise user check-in and registration, from any device safely, quickly and practically. It allows identification documents and cards from up to 200 countries to be identified.

It can be integrated with your management system via our complete SDK-API, or used with our own software (in the cloud or installed on the customer’s server), with automatic data dumps in real time.

How it works

The document is scanned via a reader or device
Automatic reading and validation of data with OCR software
Integration of validated data with management software (ERP, CRM, PMS, HIS)

Solution types


Traditional identification document reader (hardware) integrated with your management system.

Fast, integrated identification document reader for automatic data dumps onto the system. Readers are easy to disinfect and fast to use. They can identify almost 200 types of identification documents (passport, ID card, driver’s licence, etc.) and they share a scanner with several work posts.

Integrated and approved by a large number of PMS and HIS available on the market to improve the data collection process.



Online check-in solution that allows the guest to check in directly, using any device, before they reach the establishment.

Solution via an app that is easily integrated, through which the end user can individually check in online from anywhere (available on Google Play and Apple Store).

The user can scan their document, validate their identity using their mobile phone, and send the data to the facility. Compatible with kiosks and front office posts.

It offers the customer the chance to purchase extra services and products before completing check-in (breakfast, room upgrade, car rental, etc.).



Cloud registration solution. Employees can manage check-in from anywhere, thereby avoiding queues and unnecessary physical contact.

It allows employees to work from the cloud, which is accessible from any mobile device, without the need for a physical reader or having to install any software locally. It is easy to use and does not require any physical contact with the document.

Integration is extremely simple, based on images of the identification document obtained from a tablet or mobile phone.

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Quick check-in
Cost reduction
Regulatory compliance
Improved user experience

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