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New European ID format recognized by DELTA ID

The new European ID format is already recognized by our system

DELTA ID already recognizes the new format of Spanish DNIe 4.0 and French CNIe created to obey the EU regulations in terms of security.

The next 2nd of August all the countries members of the EU must fulfill the Regulation EU 2019/1157, which deals with the travel documentation fraud, incorporating more security measures for IDs in electronic format.

For its part, Spain and France have already started to issue the new European electronic Identity Document. This new ID presents several changes regarding the old version. Visually, the document will show the EU flag with the code of the issuer country (ES in the case of Spain and FR in the case of France) inside, along with the flag of the pertinent country. Also, the description ‘National Identity Card’ in English has been added and the size of the photography has been increased, besides of the addition of the expedition date in the section of visible data. Technically, the new european identity documents will be optimized to accomplish the certifications of interoperability and security regulated in the EU. It will also include a microchip with ARM Cortex architecture and improvements in NFC technology.

At DELTA INFORMÁTICA we have worked in the update of our system in order to read the DNIe 4.0. and the CNIe with our new version 8.0.10. of our Software DELTA ID. This update will be available from the 13th of July totally free for our clients that have contracted the maintenance service of the Software DELTA ID. From our R&D department we want to advance the necessities of our clients and make sure that the new European electronic IDs are recognized by our system as soon as possible.

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