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Compliance of the regulations with Delta Informática

Compliance of the new regulation of the "Royal Ordinance 933/2021 of 26th october" thanks to Delta Informática.

The new regulations state that tour operators, digital platforms and non-professional natural persons must identify their clients and share their data with the security forces. Before, this rule only applied to hotels, hostels, campings and appartments.

Furthermore, there is new data to be collected for both rentacar sector and hospitality sector. From now on, it is mandatory to indicate all the data of the document, highlighting the number of support of the documents that include it, as well as the address of the person. As a result, the MRZ readers won’t be able to accomplish this purpose.

Thus, the royal ordinance adapts the regulation to the current reality and to the needs of prevention in terms of security threats, specially to face terrorism and organized crime.

The entry into force of this rule will be in April 2022, but the obligation of communication will produce effects from the 2nd of January 2023.

Our software of identification of people DELTA ID will cover the new needs of hospitality and rent a car companies.  Our system provides the user a complete reading of all the fields of the IDs, passports, drivers’ licenses and other identity documents from up to 200 countries.

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